Bridge to Life

Assembly of God Church

At Bridge to Life we desire to be a church that worships God with no boundaries. It is in God's presence that we are forever changed, and each week we strive to create an atmosphere that is free of distraction and inviting as we lift up the powerful name of Jesus! We are a church that truly hunger after God's presence and we desire to go deeper and experience God in ways that we haven't experience Him before. Join us on Sundays and encounter God with other passionate Christ-followers!  





Turn your worry into worship and watch God turn your battles into blessings.

Our worship ministry at Bridge to Life includes the worship team, the media team, and the sound technicians.

The worship team consists of instrumentalists and vocalists that help lead others into worship by worshiping with an open heart. Overall, we long to experience God each week and encourage others to make the same connection through individual worship.

The media team displays the words for the songs we are singing, organizes the slides for ease of access, and plays videos and displays the pastor's notes during the service. The media team also runs the live video feed that shares each service with our online audience.

Our sound technicians ensure that sound levels are balanced, that our worship is focused and not distracting, and makes sure that everything sound-related is in working order for each service.

Our team practices together, completes devotions, and fellowship with each other to grow closer as a family and to God. We look forward to worshiping with you soon!